& OpenDataCity join forces for the Knight News Challenge

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cow_logo_square.gifWho are the beneficiaries of the almost €60 billion annual EU subsidies to farmers and the agro-industry? Since 2004 the team has been working to obtain data about the beneficiaries and make them accessible to the European public. But making 12 GB of data accessible in a meaningful way needs more than award winning journalists and excellent analysts.

So now joins forces with OpenDataCity a German award winning datajournalism team. OpenDataCity specialises in data-storytelling based upon large datasets.

Together we have given our bid for the Knight Challenge. We intend to develop a tool which makes the Farmsubsidy datasets – 12 years and 27 countries – easily searchable and visible. This will become an EU Transparency Tool which also will be available for other large datasets concerning EU data, such as the structural funds, fisheries subsidies, R&D subsidies and so on.

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Background: was founded in 2005 by journalists Brigitte Alfter and Nils Mulvad and political analyst Jack Thurston. The common aim was to shed light on the beneficiaries of the EU agricultural policy. For decades this policy had been carried out under the same aim written up in the after-war years and without the public being able to follow how it actually functioned.

Since the first data sets were made available in 2004 and the following years, the public debate could focus on the actual money flows rather than just political speeches. Numerous media reports and several books on the subject have used Farmsubsidy data.

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